Drunk Shakespeare
Drunk Shakespeare Tickets

Drunk Shakespeare Tickets

The Ruby Theatre, New York
Nov 30, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024
90 minutes (no intermission)

About Drunk Shakespeare

"To beer...or not to beer?"

You are cordially invited to a meeting of The Drunk Shakespeare Society! The stage is set in a hidden library. Five professional actors meet as members of The Drunk Shakespeare Society. One of them has 5 shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform a major role in a Shakespearean tragedy. Hilarity and mayhem ensue while the four sober actors try and keep the script on track. Every show is different depending on who is drinking... and what they're drinking! Anything can happen! Drunk Shakespeare is a New York Times Critics Pick and “the best thing to ever happen to the theater” according to Slate Magazine. Craft cocktails are available for purchase throughout the show at our full-service bar.

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